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 5 Questions to Ask

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In Lorencia
In Lorencia

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PostSubject: 5 Questions to Ask   01.01.11 17:43

Since we have not clarified anything, I have questions to ask

1)Because why the server was reset?
2)What's new on the server?
3)What is the maximum stat?
4)When will be added the skill of the shields?
5)I lost all my credits, when I'm going to return?
6)The server version will be changed to Season 3 Episode 2? T_T

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PostSubject: Re: 5 Questions to Ask   02.01.11 7:57

1)Hackers attack us and delete all characters in the server
3)Maximum stats are 32767 to have balance in the server
4)When host can add it
5)We can't return you the credits.
6)We will make new server with season 3 episode 1 version soon

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5 Questions to Ask
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